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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Journal: August 6, 2012

Pretty productive day for not having slept at all last night.  Woke up at 5 with Stew, put on my work out clothes, grabbed some water and a 5 hour energy, set up the tread mill and started the Couch to 5K program.  The first week's program is 30 minutes long.  5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down which leaves 20 minutes, you run for 1 minute, walk for 1.5 minutes and repeat this.  I missed the run at the 15 minute mark and then didn't run after the 10 minute mark at all - going to fast on the treadmill I think since it's hard to adjust the speed.  I keep up with this, Stew and I will be going out to buy a new treadmill, for now though, I'll just do with what I have because I'm not putting out the money if I'm not going to use it.

I will tell you though, that I need to load some different music on my iPhone - working out to Kenny Chesney, yeah, not so good.  I mean there are some good songs - but I need some kind of pop music or the like!
Took a shower, got dressed, made a delicious smoothie with protein powder for breakfast.  1.5 cup of skim milk, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein, ice and 1 TBL of sugar.  If I used sweeter fruit - I wouldn't need the sugar, but the strawberries were too tart for me.  Tomorrow, I'm going to do natural peanut butter and banana - probably won't need the sugar with that.

Had my Monday morning meeting, not much going on there.  Preparing for my training visit that I'm conducting on Wednesday - got trained on yet another system my current study is using and otherwise, had a pretty busy day at work.

There was some facebook, some google reader, some you tube watching, and some Pinterest thrown in throughout the day for good measure.

About 3:30 - I was done with work.  Laid down on the couch in the living room to read and that was all she wrote.  Woke up when Stew got home.  Only took about an hour nap though, so hopefully, it won't affect me sleeping tonight.

Stew came home and made dinner - delicious parmesan and bread crumb crusted chicken, broccoli, and chicken flavored rice.  For now, I'm taking this weight loss thing one step at a time.  I'm cutting out all unhealthy snacks.  Not watching tv except for on Friday nights (because that's when I really snack) and I'm eating my three meals and if I need a snack in between - we're talking celery, carrots or fruit.  Drinking lots of water and working out.  That's enough.  I'm not going to really examine what I'm eating at those meals right yet.  For now, I'm going to spend a few weeks with just these new routines and then we'll work on our meal planning.

After dinner, I went in the scrap room for awhile and Stew watched his DVR'ed shows.

I'm tired as hell tonight and I'm off to bed.  Heading to Raleigh Durham tomorrow for a visit on Wednesday.  So have to pack and get all my supplies ready for my trip.  Quick one this week - fly out tomorrow night, fly home Wednesday night.

Now it's time for bed - hope I sleep better tonight than I slept last night.  Fingers crossed.

Update:  while washing my face before bed, I decided I'd had enough with the drain in the master bathroom sink - it was filling up with water and driving me nuts and no amount of drain cleaner had helped.  So Stew and I bought the Drano with the snake. 

We actually bought it a couple of weeks ago, but neither of us could figure out how to get the stopper out of the drain.  After talking to Phill yesterday, he told us how to do it and I decided to tackle the job.  I got myself a big bowl to catch any water that may have escape under the sink and then I got the stopper out, and got my plumber on - snaked the drain.  Let's just say that when it comes to cleaning of any kind, I can't stand my hair, but the water is running down the drain as good as ever now.  Go me!

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