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Friday, August 17, 2012

Journal: August 17, 2012

Pretty typical day at work today.  Had my line management meeting with my manager.  He's going to try to sort out what's going on with this study to which we think I'm assigned.  Otherwise, just normal updates.  Have a lot of travel arrangements to make and some SOPs to review.  Hopefully, we'll get through them soon.  Don't want to get behind.

During lunch today, I worked on uploading all of our pictures and burning them to disk.  I haven't done this since the end of May.  I was astonished by the number of pictures we took in June.  They took up four disks at 4.7GB each.  July was a completely different story - only 1 disk.  I seriously fell off the wagon of taking pictures that month.  That won't help in working to get the journaling for that month caught up, but I'm determined, so we'll see what happens.

 Lots of room back on the camera after the big delete!
The disks

After work, I headed out to get my nails done.  I will never in the entire time I live go to the person who did my nails and eyebrows today.  Not only could she not understand a word I said to her and I couldn't understand a word she said to me, she used crappy topcoats on both my finger and toe nails and my manicure didn't even last the day.  She kind of rushed me out of there - I could have been more assertive about it, but I just wanted to leave.  She was horrible.  If the nail polish is old and can't be used, why do you put it back on the shelf?  Which is precisely what she did with the color I wanted on my fingers that she told me wasn't going to work because it was too old.  A couple of things I've learned - I'll never go to her again and I'll always bring my own supplies with me.  Even my eyebrows aren't done right.  I'm so annoyed. 

Before I left to get my nails done, I did finish day 2 of Couch to 5K - very proud of myself for doing it today, cause Lord knows I didn't feel like it.

I went to the grocery store after I got my nails done and I'm telling you I'm never allowed to go without a list again.  I forgot so much stuff.  Stew had to run out and get other stuff we needed for our taco salad and then after he left the store, I called to tell him that we still needed sour cream.  oy - gotta have a list.  I cannot trust this memory.

So we made dinner once we had all of the needed ingredients.  Taco salad and we headed down for tv night - where we watched Project Runway from last night.  Yay!  Christopher moves on!  And then the rest of the night we spent watching CSI:NY and Stew's new man crush: Danny.

Tomorrow's draft day. 

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