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Monday, August 6, 2012

Journal: August 5, 2012

Woke up this morning and played with my Silhouette a bit.  I seriously do not use this machine enough, which is why I don't own a Cameo, yet.  Until I start using the SD version more regularly, I can't see investing the money to buy the bigger machine - though I do want one so bad.  Since I'm still chugging my way through my Project Life album, I cut out some shapes for that and finally after owning this machine for so many years - figured out an awesome thing to do.  Normally, I cut out one shape at a time on the color of cardstock that I want.  Today, I thought, I have all of this extra space, let's cut out more shapes and just have them in case I want to use them later - DUH!  The level of intelligence shocks me sometimes, I can't even begin to tell you.

These are some of the shapes I cut this morning:

(too lazy this morning to rotate that picture - you get the idea)

After Stew got up and showers were taken, it was off to pick up the crabs from Salty Dogs before heading over to see Phill, Christina, and GEP.  

Funny story from Salty Dogs.  The girl at the counter is ringing up my order and she stops and says, "What does your tattoo say?"  So I tell her that it says "love, mom."  Turns out one of her best friends has the exact same tattoo.  I said, "Steve."  She asked me how I knew.  Ummm, he's my brother.  A brother who is in deep trouble with me.  He has an in at Salty Dogs and doesn't tell me about it.  Wait until I talk to that little brat.

Stew dropped me off at Salty Dogs and went to WaWa to get fuel, I walked over to meet him because there were too many u-turns involved for him to get back to me.  Went in WaWa for water, Pepsi, and 5 hour energy - which they now keep behind the counter and you have to ask for.  Apparently, kids/people are now hurting themselves with energy drinks.  I wish I was surprised.

Get to Phill and Christina's, GEP opens the door, says nothing and disappears downstairs.  Apparently, his show is more important than me.  Brat.  He did eventually come up and say hi and give me a hug.  He went with his uncle to get pizza for the two of them to eat since they're strange and don't eat crabs.  

The crabs were good if a little wet.  

The company was great, though when we left Stew says to me, "I love how when we come down here we all sit around and talk for hours, but why do we sit in the most uncomfortable place in the house?'  Hmmm, good question.

GEP and Stew spent a long time playing on GEP's DS.  The two little gaming geeks looked so cute together.

GEP and I got in the pool and then got kicked out of the pool by the pretty violent thunderstorms that swept through.  

Phill made crab soup which I fully intend to eat for lunch today.

The new sonogram pictures really show the features on AP (not sure on a middle name yet)'s face.  I'm still rooting for November 2nd as the birthdate.

Some GEP stories:

A couple of weeks ago, Christina took him to the doctor and while they were waiting for the doctor to see them, Christina was asking him to point out bones on a diagram of a skeleton that was hanging on the wall.  She asked about his funny bone and then was explaining to him where it was so he could point it out when he turned to her and said, "You know, it's really got to be all of them, because I'm really funny."

I told him I was going to tell his mother that he was being mean to me and he said, "She's right there, she can see."  

His father was spraying him with the hose while he was in the pool and after Phill was done, GEP took it upon himself to spray me with the hose, the funniest part though was when he turned it on the wimps who weren't in the pool.

Christina and Phill both told him about getting his towel wet because he was playing with the hose and his towel was on the ground.  So, he decided to dry it, by sucking the water out of it and then spitting the water out.  

My little budding artist (this is the kid who really doesn't like to color or paint or do crafts pretty much at all) and his Starry Starry Night painting.  I recognized it right away - good job, kid.

He's all ready to go back to school.

I asked him how his girlfriend, Riley was.  He told me that she's fine and that he wants to marry her, but she won't marry him.  I said, "Why not?"  He said, "Because she wants to marry Justin Beaver, everyone wants to marry Justin Beaver." 

Awesome day - got home around 10PM, washed my face, brushed my teeth, got ready for bed all in hopes of getting my routine back in order.  Laid in bed until about 11 dealing with the withdraw symptoms from my meds because I missed them two days in a row, decided that with or without the pills, I wasn't going to sleep, so I got up and took my pills, moved my stuff to the living room.  Laid in the living room until midnight watching the lightning.  Violent, violent storm - about midnight decided there's no way I'm going to get to sleep.  Went down to the craft room.  Started my Project Life pages for this week and uploaded pictures.  I looked at the last time I uploaded pictures - it was July 5th, and guess what, I couldn't sleep that night either.  I'm seeing a trend.  I think I finally fell asleep around 3:30 and Stew woke me up at 5.  I'm not sleeping in today and I'm not napping - I'm going to force myself into this routine.  So I got up, put my workout clothes on, weighed myself, started a load of laundry (the wet clothes from the pool yesterday), and worked out.  Starting the couch-to-5K.  My numbers were horrible, but it's a start.  It's all about getting up and doing something and I'm happy day one is done.  (calories 177)

Now it's time to get ready for the rest of my day, shower, breakfast, get dressed, hair/makeup and get to work.

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