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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Journal: August 1, 2012

A full day in San Antonio without much to do.  I had all of these plans of things that I was going to do - walk along the Riverwalk, go have a nice dinner out, enjoy this odd occurrence when I'm in a city without having to visit a hospital or run to catch a plane.  Did I do any of that?  Umm, nope.  I am still completely sucked into the Olympics.  I spent the day watching that - oh and there was this little issue of a bomb threat at the San Antonio airport.  Someone called in the threat and the bomb sniffing dogs actually reacted to two of the cars in the visitor's parking - scary!  I think this means that instead of going to San Antonio's airport in the morning, I'll get in the rental car and drive to Houston.  It's only 3 hours away and seems to be a pretty straight trip.  I don't want to deal with the mess that San Antonio's airport is going to be after all of this.  I'm sure as hell glad I wasn't flying today.

I ordered from the hotel cafe again for dinner - same thing I got last night.  Rigatoni.  It's delicious and may even be something I can replicate at home.

I also go my end of month reports submitted.  Being on the road on the first of the month is hard with these reports due - I think I need a travel scanner, or need to not schedule travel on the first - one or the other.  I actually had to take a picture of my computer screen today to get a receipt to submit with an expense report.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

All in all, a really relaxing day.

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