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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Journal: August 14, 2012

Well, today was quite the mess.  Trying to balance too many things, I guess and not used to it.  I was scheduled to leave for Canada today, knowing full well that I had training from what I thought was 8 to 12.  I talked to the project manager on the study for which the training was scheduled on Friday and we determined that I could leave at 11.  Plenty of time to get to the airport for my flight.  Unfortunately, when I received the formal agenda for the meeting, I realized that while the meeting was put in my calendar from 8 to 12 EST - the meeting was actually being held in central time.  Leaving at 11 central time wasn't going to do it for me to make my flight.  I'll never forget to check time zones again.  I moved my flight to later in the day - the only other flight of the day, to 8:50PM.  About 4PM I get an email from Useless Air that states that due to air traffic control delays, my flight won't leave until about 10 something, that puts me in Halifax at midnight and I still have to drive to Moncton - that's just not going to work.  So I call the study lead on this study and we decide that the only thing to do is reschedule - unfortunately, the site isn't available until the 29th.  Sigh, what a mess.  The good thing about it though was that I got to stay for the entire training and that was very helpful to me.

It was another tv night for us.  I'm still not sleeping right and getting motivated to do anything after not getting enough sleep is hard.  Something that did work this morning though was that I told Stew that I needed to be up and moving around before he left for work because I thought I was going to have to leave for the airport and I needed to be dressed and ready before the training started.  He decided the easiest way to do this was to get me to shower before him.  So he woke me up after starting the shower and didn't leave me alone until I got in the shower - that's good for me, that's what I need.  Seems a bit silly I suppose, considering my age, but whatever works, right? 

So in that way, I told him that instead of putting me in the shower, he needed to put me on the treadmill - so before bed tonight, I got out my workout clothes and he promised to wake me and not leave me alone until I started working out.  Hopefully being badgered to do these things will eventually just force me to do them myself - hey, I can wish. 

Even though we went to bed way late - we did manage to get all of the stuff done that we're supposed to get done before bed, so I'm feeling good about that.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to bed until 2AM - that 5AM wake up call is going to come too early.  Eventually, hopefully, I'll go to bed when I'm supposed to so I get enough sleep.  Until then, I'm getting up at 5, no arguments.

We had WaWa for dinner - my normal sandwich, Stew got pot roast and said that it was actually pretty good.

We watched the series ender of The Closer - it was pretty anticlimatic - I mean, the one case she hasn't solved in the whole duration of the show comes to a close at the end - yep, anticlimatic.  We're not sure we're going to watch Major Crimes but we're recording it just in case.  I love Flynn and Provenza - so I may watch it just for them.  I don't like Raydor though, so we'll have to see how that works out.  It's not like I really need another show to add to the long list of shows I already watch.

Dexter came in today!  But I'm on a CSI: NY kick right now.  Love Gary Sinese, so we delayed Dexter - we'll probably watch that one other day this week.  We'll see.

Too much damn tv, I'll tell you that.

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