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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Journal: August 19, 2012

Actually slept until 8:30 this morning, which is very late for me and considering my sleep schedule of late, I'm yelling victory this morning.

I played in the scrap room until Stew got up around 1.  I asked him what he wanted to do today and he, of course, checked the weather.  There were lots of rain showers showing up on radar and he said that pajama day was appealing to him.  So we grabbed our snacks and headed to the tv room and I'm happy to report, between naps, a boring NASCAR race, and lots of CSI: NY - there was a lot of relaxing going on.  Considering our weekend schedules for the coming months and my upcoming travel schedule, I'd say it was just what the doctor ordered.  I'll probably regret what I didn't get done today in the morning, but right now I'm focusing on the fact that we had a relaxing day, full of time together and lots of laughs.  Stew's nuts, but anyone who is reading this knew that already.

We made salads for dinner which were okay - I don't know what was off about mine.  Maybe the red onion instead of my normal green onion or something.  I don't know, but something was off.  Ate it anyway.  Only thing I really wish I did today was my couch to 5K, but I actually have tomorrow and Tuesday, as well, to finish up the week since I actually started on a Wednesday.  I need to move my official week start day to Sunday so I'll be working on shifting things around the next few weeks to make that happen - I need to do this because there's no way I'll find a scale over the next few Wednesdays to weigh in.

Getting up and working out tomorrow morning is one of my top goals.  Fingers crossed.

The NASCAR race was a snooze fest.  The Mark Martin crash was sick.  I was so relieved when we found out that he and all of Kasey Kahne's crew were ok - that could have been far worse than it was.  Absolutely scary.  Of course, it led to me having a complete Target moment as I was trying to figure out how Mark slammed into Kasey's pit stall when they were pitting nowhere near each other.  Then it hit me that I'm stupid.  HA.  Some days, I just don't know what I was doing the day God gave out brains.

I really liked one of the descriptions the broadcasters used during the race - that hit significantly rearranged the back of his car.  I thought that was a good way to put it, even if the rest of the narration from those guys was assinine.  Can't they get people in the booth who know what they're doing?  I mean when Stew and I can see that they're obviously talking about the wrong guy, it gets a little nuts.

Wasn't happy that Biffle won.  Don't like that guy.  Have no idea why, just don't.  Was rooting for Brad.  Nice to see Kasey finish third despite his ride through the infield grass.  Tony, Tony, Tony - was a victim of the Hendrick engine failures of the day.  He's slipping in points and that's not good.  He has to stay in the top ten cause I'm worried if he falls out, what that will do to Kahne.  I know he'd still have the second wildcard, but it's stressing me out a bit.  Tony will come back strong next week.  I know it.

I was thinking of something rather interesting.  If you're Tony Stewart and you're winning a race with Ryan behind you in second and you know that you're already in the chase no matter what, but Ryan really needs the win to get in the chase, do you let him go by to win?  I mean the same argument could be made for Carl or Jeff Gordon or any of them.  I just thought it was an interesting concept with these wildcard slots.  I'd actually like to know if any one that knows more than I obviously do has thought about this - I haven't seen anything written about it. 

Went to bed too late.  Busy week this week.  Going to see Roy pitch tomorrow.  Thanks Matt for figuring that out, though, the Phillies scored 8 runs today - which means they'll have no run production tomorrow.  Just my luck.

Kids' notes for their journals:

GEP went fishing today and caught a bunch of fish and some crabs and looked totally cute doing it.
CDH had milestones this week - starting to support herself to sit up and eating solid food.
GDH's last day of camp was this week and she's counting down the days until she goes back.
WTK is doing his civic duty by selling signs to remind people to drive like they have some sense in residential neighborhoods. 

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