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Friday, August 3, 2012

Journal: August 2, 2012

Long day.  Started early with leaving San Antonio to drive to Houston.  Though it's a pretty long drive and a pretty boring one, at that, it was pretty easy.  Only hit traffic in one area and it cleared quickly - so it wasn't too bad.  Gotta say though, no one in Texas speeds. 

My site visit went well.  The center is very experienced so not a lot of worries with the site.  Finished my visit and headed to the airport.  Had plenty of time before my flight, so I decided to get barbecue at the sit down restaurant they had there.  That was a big mistake.  The best part of the meal was the milkshake which isn't what I think barbecue places want to be known for - though what was I thinking, getting barbecue at an airport.  Sigh.

At least they got the decor right.

The rest of the time at the airport was a mess.  My flight was already scheduled to leave well after my visit was done, but then it was delayed and delayed some more.  Have to love summer storms.  I felt bad for Stew because he drove me the airport this week - and my flight didn't get in until sometime after midnight and because of my clothes shopping I had to check my bag.  So we got home super late - tomorrow's going to be hell.

The Olympic events that I was really looking forward to seeing tonight, which Stew recorded for me, were ruined since I found out who won those events before I got to watch them.  That's been one of mine and Stew's major complaints.  The coverage in the evening has been awful - too many commercials, too much talking, not enough focus on the events.  We're starting to lose our interest because by the time we watch it at night we already know what's happened.  I know they're live streaming them, but Stew and I work so we can't just sit and watch them when we want.  Oh well. 

Long day - ready for bed.

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