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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Journal: October 8, 2012

Woke up around 5:30 this morning, even before the alarm went off and I caught up on all my web stuff.  I love that I can do that while still lying in bed.  I found a new app on my phone to keep track of a to do list.  I'm hoping to get all my tasks loaded into it and then be a little more on top of when things need to get done and prioritizing those things.  Laid in bed and debated working out - it was soo cold in the house and soo warm under my blankets. 

I went back to sleep.

Got up when Stew woke me up around 8.  Freezing in our house.  About 60 degrees.  Stew said that maybe we should turn on the heat - HUH?  Though he didn't go as far as turning it on himself, I actually pushed the button, but the heat is now on with his approval.

We took a drive to LBI today.  Matt and Stew were off work and Dad, the jet setting retiree that he is, never says no to fishing, so Stew and I headed up that way.  Fishing wasn't that great.  They only caught one fish, Stew said about a 1 to 1.5 pound Blue fish that they threw back.  But as they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day working - I suppose.

WTK had fun building sandcastles and then knocking them down.

I had a good time.  I got to hang out with Laura and got to go to the Arcade with WTK.  He spent a lot of time playing The Wizard of Oz game - he likes to rapid fire shoot the coins down and sometimes, I must say, it works.  But, damn it.  I told Laura I wasn't playing that game this year and what happens - she drags me over there and handcuffs me to the damn thing - well, it didn't take much in the way of pursuading and I did win like 4 of the needed 7 cards - but still.  I said I wasn't wasting money on that cash suck thing and what did I end up spending the most money on - sigh!!!  I did play some skee ball and tried some games I'd never played before.  Other than skee ball, I'm not very good at any of them, but it's still fun.

(above photo stolen from Laura)

WTK has like a million points and he redeemed some of them - he got two angry birds, the little red girl bird and the big Yellow one, he also got a red motorcycle and then he still has a million points left.

After the arcade there was a lot of back and forth about going to lunch or to play mini golf or lunch or what.  It's always funny to me when we're in a big group trying to figure out what we're doing next.  There's a lot of back and forth going on.  Mini golf was postponed because the guys were finished fishing and we wanted to grab lunch with dad before he had to head back for his radio club meeting. 

(above photo stolen from Laura)

We went to this restaurant called The Chicken or the Egg - it's apparently a favorite, but I'd never been there before.  I got a salad which was good and a fruit place which was huge.  Laura got cinnamon roll french toast which looked delicious (but I'm trying to lose my fat ass, so none of that yummy stuff for me).  Stew got an egg sandwich I think, Matt got fried chicken, dad got a burger.  Stew said his food was okay, they didn't cook his potatoes enough.  Laura didn't like the seasoning they put on her home fries, but they fixed that.  I would go back again - I think Stew would, too; he'd just order something different.

WTK didn't do much in the way of eating, but he did build a pretty impressive skyscraper out of creamer containers.

(above photo stolen from Laura)

We then left and it was a good thing we didn't stay to play mini golf, as it started raining on our ride home.  The ride home was delayed by an unexpected rest stop.  We never need to stop when we're driving somewhere to use the rest room, I typically am a very good girl and go before I leave, but two of those Arnold Palmers (sugar free too!  sooo good) at lunch and we had to stop.  Stew found a Friendly's and because I always feel weird just using the bathroom and not buying anything, Stew got a milkshake which was horrible and I got a cone with Chocolate Chip cookie dough ice cream - never again.  I will never cheat on Brewster's again.

We got home around 6:30, I went in the scrap room to load pictures and do things in there.  Then we watched some TV.  NCIS, LA from last week.  How I Met Your Mother from tonight, Revenge from last week.  Revenge is starting to get on my nerves some, HIMYM is no longer funny, and NCIS,LA - I'm just not sure.  I guess we'll see as the season progresses.

Got to bed way too late.  Really need to work on getting enough sleep at night.

Kids stories of the day:

  1. CEH is suffering through an ear infection and is teething, so this doesn't make for a very happy little girl.
  2. GDH is free of ear infections, think all of the her not feeling well is due to the change in the weather.
  3. GDH was walking around the house this morning singing God Bless America - which no one knew she even knew the words to.
  4. WTK told me about going to see The Avengers with his dad.  He told me how when The Hulk got a hold of Loki and swung him side to side by his head that that was the funniest part.  I worry for this child.

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