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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Journal: October 5, 2012

Holy Cow!  The Orioles won a playoff series - don't ruin my thunder by reminding me that it was only one game - it's a series and they won it!

On to play the Yankees - yuck!

Today was actually pretty boring to be honest.  I wanted to get a lot of stuff done around the house, but I'm still fighting off the effects of the trip to California and am feeling pretty exhausted.  So besides my time at work, didn't really do much.

Stew got out of class early and headed home.  Brought me WaWa and they forgot the onions on my sub - jerks!  Then I had tastycakes and a snickers bar - that's really not doing much in the eating department, is it?  And I didn't work out.  Sigh!

We watched some tv while we had WaWa - NCIS, that new show about the submarine (loving that one) and then I came in the scrap room to play and Stewbert watched sports - what else?

I'm once again trying to update this journal with all the entries I've missed over the past couple of months.  If I would just keep them up to date.  Sigh.  Hopefully soon.

Realized today that I completely forgot about LOAD October 2012 - which is probably a good thing.  Really don't need the stress of that right now.

Figured out the light I bought for filming videos doesn't work - the glare is still really bad.  Back to the drawing board on that one.

I uploaded all of the photos that we took in September.   862 of them.  That's really not a lot compared to other months - but we didn't do that much in September.  It was the month of the bad back, so, hopefully October will be a better month and Stew will start to be able to do things again, though right now, he's fighting a cold.  Hope he's feeling better for this weekend's plans.

Figured out that the bad ass chick on Person of Interest isn't the chick from The L Word at all - it's the girl from Angel.  Like that was an epiphany moment.

Tony Stewart announced his new sponsor today - Bass Pro Shops - there's a match made in heaven.  The car looks awesome, but this means I need to once again buy a new shirt.  Come on Tony - keep a sponsor for goodness' sakes.  My budget can't handle all of this jumping around.

Qualifying tomorrow - come on 5 and 14.  Need to rebound this weekend.  I'm going to miss watching the race since the Eagles are playing the Steelers and I'll be watching that - but I'm sure that Matt will be switching back and forth and I'm certain that Stewbert will record it because this is his favorite track.  Dega next year!  Or maybe Martinsville - yeah, Martinsville.

This is completely a disjointed, stream of consciousness post.  I guess that's what happens when you post in real time when you're exhausted. 

And with that, I'm off to bed.  Sleeping in tomorrow.  No plans until the evening when Stew and I are supposed to go see the bull riders in Philly.

Night, ya'll.

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