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Monday, October 8, 2012

Journal: October 7, 2012

Got up this morning and redid day 2 of week 3 of the couch to 5K since I didn't feel like I completed it while I was in San Diego.  Did today.  The 1.5 minute runs are nothing now, but the 3 minute ones are still kicking my ass pretty good, so I'm going to redo week 3 this week so that I'm more comfortable with that.  Day 1 of week 4 makes you run 5 minutes and there's no way my fat ass is ready for that - so I'll redo week 3 and hopefully by the end of this week, I'll feel up to moving on to week 4.

While we were getting ready, I was telling Stew how Laura told me last night that I scared her friend last week at the pumpkin patch.  He said, "I'm not scared of you."  I said, "any more."  He said, "or any less."  Sigh....He makes me laugh no matter what - one of the reasons I love him.

We got ready and headed up to Matt's for the dreaded (at least for me) Steelers vs. Eagles game.  I'm happy to say that the Steelers won, but as dad said, I think they should really be sending Vick a thank you card.  He was horrible in this game.  We lost Troy again.  That's not going to be good in coming weeks, especially since we play on Thursday this week.  It was an ugly, ugly game.  Both teams deserved to lose, but I'm glad the Steelers won.

The food was delicious.  My chili was a hit, which was good cause I'm always unsure of things when I bring them to events like this, but everyone seemed to like it.  Matt made pulled pork which I didn't eat at all...YET.  We brought some home, so I will definitely be having some of that.

There was also so many desserts, brownies, apple crisp, apple tart, cupcakes

And the kids made pizzas.

I spent a lot of time with my little CEH.  She wasn't feeling so good since she has teeth cutting, but for the most part she was her happy go lucky self.  I'm going to turn her into a Steelers fan if it's the last thing I do.

This is funny, after Stew took the above picture of her, she turned around to look at him - she knows what the click of the camera means - I love this look she gave him.

We also celebrated mom's birthday today.  Stew and I already told her what we got her.  There's a rapture photo shoot going on during the Cape May birding festival that we're attending so we bought mom a ticket to that and to the bird watching by boat tour - we had to tell her so that she didn't buy her own tickets - so no surprise there, but it was good to spend time with her and celebrate her day with her.  Loved the kids helping her to blow out the candle on the cake.

We bought Mom a shirt when we went to the aquarium earlier this year.  It's otters dressed up like Star War characters and it says, "Otters Strike Back."  WTK told Mom that it was the cutest shirt ever.

At one point CEH was trying to figure out how the Jack in the Box worked - she was hitting it.  Someone said, "That's the family way - beat it until it works."

When WTK was leaving, he and GDH were so cute - WTK wanted her to walk him out to the car to say good bye.  Awwwww. 

GDH was hilarious today as always.  First she was going around saying how Will makes her so frustrated.  The word frustrated coming out of a four year old's mouth just cracks me up.  Unfortunately, I need all of the mothers in my life to write me lists of what they consider bad words are.  For GDH, "stupid" is a bad word.  GDH informed me that, "bad words are dangerous."  Then later she was playing on the iPad and she was drawing a picture.  I told her that it was a very pretty picture and she said, "I know, it's me." 

The two techno geeks:

Laura and CEH having a good time

WTK loves CEH

 Such a pretty girl

Looks like someone needs to have a little girl!

After we got home, we went down to watch some TV.  We watched the last episodes of Flipping Out.  This show makes me laugh like crazy.  On one of tonight's episodes, Jenny and Jeff find these ski masks while they're out looking for gag gifts for Zoila, they decide to wear these masks home and stop to ask people where the nearest 7-11 or bank is.  This one guy tells them, "I don't know where they are, but there's a liquor store right down the street that you can rob."  Are you for real?  Too funny.  I sometimes wish I had the chutzpah to pull off some of the things that they do.  Funny as hell.

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