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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Journal: October 2, 2012

Being on a plane all day makes me cranky.  When it's not a Southwest plane, I'm really, really cranky!!

It's like 8PM here and I'm about ready to fall over and go to sleep.  Probably won't happen.  Why do hotel rooms have blinking smoke detectors in the rooms?  I mean, yeah we need to know the battery works, but the fluorescent green dot blinking above my bed is a bit obnoxious.  I used to be accustomed to sleeping in hotels, not so much anymore.  It all seems so foreign and I've been watching too much CSI.  Do you know how many times the crime scene is a hotel room?  I mean I check under the bed, in all of the closets, in the tub and check all of the door locks when I arrive (don't quite no what I would do if I encountered anyone, but damn it, I check) so I'm pretty sure, it's okay - but I mean really.  It's okay though, walls are paper thin, I know all about the business dealings of my neighbor and about the fact that his wife is leaving him.  Boo hoo hoo.  Hopefully, if he notices me screaming he'll call someone.  These aren't really good things to think about before going to bed.  That's for sure.

Nothing much happened today.  I must have been dreaming that the alarm was going off when I got up this morning.  I told Stew to set the alarm to quarter to five.  Well, it went off, I got in the shower, went in the kitchen to get some breakfast and realized that no, that wasn't the alarm or Stew set it wrong because when I got out in the kitchen it was 4:09.  Son of a gun.  No worries though, I was still running around like a chicken without a head when it was time to leave.  Did remember to take a picture of my parking spot - this will come in handy tomorrow night when I can't figure out where the hell I parked.

Saw this picture in the BWI airport - made me think of Shawn and I like Ray so I grabbed a quick picture of it.

You know it made sense to me that the Ray Lewis picture was in the BWI airport - but can someone tell me why Tom Brady's picture was in San Diego's airport?  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it but believe me, it's there - I mean, really, don't they have any Chargers they could have gotten to pose for that?

The flights today were pretty non eventful.  Normal turbulence flying over the Rockies and apparently the San Diego airport is one of the toughest to land in.  The passenger next to me thought the landing was really good - I thought he was nuts - but this was my first time flying into this airport.  Windy place apparently.

Arrived and got my luggage no problem.  Palm trees at the airport...

On the flight from Denver I was sitting behind six, what had to be, military men.  Big dudes.  I'm thinking Navy since you know they were headed to San Diego.  At one point during a really bad bout of turbulence, one of the guys said to one of the other ones, "Get up there and show this pilot how to fly this f**ker."  They kept me entertained.  Didn't even need a book this flight.  I don't think the parents sitting in front of them were pleased, but I was laughing the whole time.

I wasn't really dreading being on the road again when I left this morning.  I'm pretty happy to have some productive work to do, at last, but flying all the way across the country for a 3 hour meeting is  bit of a drag.  I mean, I'm in San Diego with no time to enjoy it.  Do you know how close I am to where the SEALS train?  Sigh.....Stew and I are definitely coming here to vacation - and soon.  I want to see the zoo, and the aquarium and go to Sea World.  We pay off that damn roof and we're going on vacation.  I demand it!

I went for a walk after checking in at my hotel.  Holy God, it's hot here and I'm dressed for Maryland weather. 

The walk was nice, though. 

I stopped by Subway and got a sandwich for lunch.  For dinner I ordered room service - ravioli and ordered their apple tart.  Frozen pastry - not so good.  And the apples, come on, ya'll - it's apple season, those things should have been amazing.  They weren't.  Not a very stellar dinner, but better than fast food.

I want to get up in the morning and work out - we'll see if that happens.  For now, I'm going to try again to turn off these lights and get some sleep.

Back home tomorrow.

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