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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Day in Review - January 6, 2014

After last night, I'm thinking that showering right before bed isn't such a bad idea.  Of course, I'm getting to bed later tonight so no time for that pre-bed shower - but I slept well enough last night to consider making it part of my routine.  The wind right now is crazy.  It feels like the house is in a fighting match and it's losing the wind is beating against it so strongly.  The weather is going to get bitter, bitter, bitter tomorrow.  The low tonight is lower than I remember seeing a temperature drop in a long time.  I'm glad I don't have to go out in it and say to everyone that does to bundle up.  I don't want to see any frostbitten body parts.  

I was supposed to drive to North Jersey today, but after discussing my visit with the site, it was decided that it would be better to reschedule.  I got a lot of work accomplished this morning, but didn't adhere to my schedule at all.  In fact, all of the goals I set for the year went out the window today.  Sometimes I'm so on target and then other days, I'm so far off I'm not sure I remember where the target is.  I don't know what makes one day so much different from the rest.  I suppose one day I'll figure it out.  

We had our first electrician come out today to give estimates on the work we want done in the garage.  He's going to email us his quote.  We had another one scheduled to come out at 6AM tomorrow, but Stew rescheduled because of the weather.  He admits that he's being a weenie about it, but hey, I think this cold even is getting to him - I mean, he's talking about wearing gloves tomorrow.  Who is this man?

Polar Vortex - nothing about that sounds good to me.

More exciting stuff happened tonight, too.  Stew got home and went to move our cars - his car wouldn't start which just pisses me off considering we had his battery replaced not too long ago.  We tried to jump it with both the battery pack his parents got us for Christmas a few years ago and with my car, neither worked.  He called AAA and they were out within an hour and a half or so - they jumped it, started right up.  Hopefully, it will start in the morning.  Fingers crossed.  

Another night of bad food for dinner.  Like I said, when I'm feeling motivated, I'm all in, when I'm not, I'm an unmovable stone.  What gives?

We watched the season premier of Downton Abbey.  Still liking this show a lot - wasn't expecting it to be two hours.  I won't describe any of it in case it's on someone's DVR, but I like the way the story line is developing.  Maggie Smith's character is the best part of the show if you ask me.  She's how I envision I'll be in old age.

Then as we were turning that off and preparing to head to bed, we noticed that curling was on.  I don't understand anything about this sport, but it's damn addicting.  The US beat the Czech Republic.  It was the eighth end that did it.  They scored five points in that one end and had the hammer in the tenth.  

Leaving the eighth up 7-3 with the hammer going into the tenth, time to play defense.  It's pretty exciting.  Stew couldn't believe that they have replay and from multiple angles, too.  LOL.  It is a real sport afterall.  I'm getting excited for the winter olympics.

Now, it's off to bed for me.  Hopefully, I'll sleep even better tonight.

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  1. Stew and gloves what? Did not think I would see those two words together.good night sleep tight.