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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Day In Review, January 4, 2014

It's been nine months since I posted anything here.  I thought maybe with the New Year, it might be time to get back on track.  I know, I know, today's the fourth, but I did journal on paper for the last three days and I will get caught up.  Unfortunately, I'm doing my first entry on a day that wasn't that exciting.

It was another bad night of sleep.  Went to bed right around 9 (I was in bed around 8, lights out at 9).  Woke up at 1:30 after getting up off and on during that time.  Decided to head out to the living room so maybe one of us would have some chance of sleeping.  I read for awhile and then around 3:30 went back to sleep and woke up around 7:30.  I'm over this messed up sleep schedule now.  Just completely over it.  I read some articles this morning about it.  One said to make sure that you're sticking to a schedule, no eating within 2 hours of bed time, no caffeine after dark (not a problem), and no compensating - mean no naps, sleeping in, or going to bed early.  Well, boohoo.  So most of today, I've been struggling to keep my eyes open and Stew has been a tyrant about not allowing me to go to sleep.  He's such a meanie sometimes.

When I got up this morning, my plan was to clean the house.  You know, we were expecting company so I needed to get my Merry Maid on and get this disaster I call a house cleaned up.  Then I gave up on that thinking altogether when I looked around my house and decided that it wasn't so much a disaster as it was lived in.  Stew's shoes were on the landing - the horror.  We had mail sitting on the living room table - such devastation.  It's things like that that I look at and think, ahhhh, the house is horrible and Stew just shakes his head at me and is like, "whatever you say."  The fact of the matter is, the bathrooms are clean - no rings in the toilet, no gunk build up in the sink - the kitchen is spotless if you don't look at the floor - so there's some dirt down there.  Don't worry, I don't wipe my hand across it before making your food.  In fact, I wash my hands so often when I cook that my hands are dry and cracked almost all of the time.  So, I just let it go.  Believe me, this is a big step for me and honestly, but I thought, hell, it's just Matt.  I ain't cleaning for him.

So in the middle of my zen moment of letting go, Stew got up and I proceeded to make him clean out the laundry room with me after we cleaned out the kitchen cabinet down in the family room last night.  I'm kind of on this organization kick.  I want it all cleaned up.  Everything has a place, everything in its place.  So, we spent an hour or two moving a stand up freezer, going through games, sorting cleaning supplies and the like.  I have so much more room in my laundry room now.  It's like an oasis - okay, okay, even I can't pull that crap (sorry GEP, I know, it's a bad word) off.  It's no where near an oasis, it has exposed dry wall and a concrete floor.  It's on the list of things to remodel, but it is now spacious and that makes me happy.  Good enough for the day.  Side note, I still didn't get a damn bit of laundry done today, but I digress.

Come to find out, the universe was sending me some message about not spic and span cleaning the house.  Matt had to cancel.  Unfortunately, a pipe burst in his house.  Understandably, he had to stay home and take care of that.

About this time, I decided that since it was the last day of the storage sales event at Micheals, that Stew and I should go and buy me my storage cubes.  That was a complete no go.  This man actually said to me, "it's cold out there."  Ummm, hello, who are you and what have you done with my husband.  If that alone doesn't freak you out, let me inform you that this same man had two blankets - count them: 1, 2, blankets on this morning when I went back in the bedroom.  He said it was glorious sleeping in our bedroom but it was cold.  You have to understand that we keep our thermostat at 65.  Yes, you read that right and none of the heating vents in our room are open.  It was single digits this morning.  You could see your breath in my bedroom - well, you couldn't, because you're not invited in my bedroom, but we could see our breath.  Yeah, I'll say, it's cold.

So, I showered, tried to take a nap - DENIED - and off to Michael's I went.  I got my storage cubes, rubber cement for Stew so he can put my F18 fighter jet model together, and heavy duty fabric scissors - also for Stew so that he can make my other blanket with the monkeys on it.  The storage cubes will just sit for a time now because that room needs to be emptied, painted, carpet removed, a decision made on the floor, and then put back together.  This is going to hurt, LIKE A LOT.  I'm looking forward to the end product, but not the process.  Not even one little bit.  I got a bit of a reprieve because we decided to focus on Stew's garage first.  Need to get some electric mumbo jumbo done before he can start setting it up.  Don't ask me what.  I am deaf and dumb when it comes to mechanical stuff.

The rest of the day, I read, talked to Stew, and cooked.  Made a beef stew in the crockpot.  Holy cow was it good.  Go over and see the photo of the day to get a look at it and the recipe and I promise you should make it.  It's delicious.  The only thing I'm going to do differently next time is to have my own beef stock on hand.  I don't want to use stocks out of boxes anymore.  I'd like to have my own as one of my goals this year is to eat less processed food.  For this I will be using my own definition of processed - so no need to tell me in February when I eat something that it's processed.  There's a list in my head.  This is what I'm going with.  That's good enough for me.

I also made bread in the bread maker.  Combined, dinner was fantastic.

Other than that, nothing much going on in these parts.  The side roads here are still a little dicey.  I can't believe the Colts pulled out that victory and I hope Stew's team kicks the Saints' butts tonight.  I'll be in bed long before it's over and will report on that tomorrow.

That's it for tonight.  Be well!

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