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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Journal: November 5, 2012

I hate when I don't journal before I go to bed.  I mean it was only yesterday and I sure as hell don't remember what happened.  Let me see...

So, I know I woke up.  That's a given.  And I headed downstairs for my date with the treadmill.  Started week 3 of Couch 2 5K over again because I haven't run in awhile and I wanted to start again with a routine I knew I was comfortable with.  The numbers weren't bad.  I still hate running - when will this nirvana people talk about kick in - I'm still waiting.  Maybe it'll kick in when my ass isn't as fat as it is now - yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

 After working out went and got ready for the appointment with my head doctor.  Worried about the winter months as always as my depression seems to really kick in then.  I will say that working out has helped in this area a lot and I think if I stick with it as much as I can (maybe lose some damn weight!) it will help with this.  The doctor agreed.  She doesn't want to make any medication changes but wants me to continue working out and start seeing a counselor again.  Sigh.  Before I found my previous counselor, I had seen so many people and none of them fit and then I found Paula and we fit.  She didn't coddle me.  She didn't let me get away with stuff.  She called me on my "bullshit" as she called it.  I loved her.  When she left, I was devastated.  I just don't want to go through the seeing 40 people again to find one.  It's harder than dating, I swear.  So I discussed this with the doctor - she thinks that she knows someone that will work.  I made an appointment with her on December 8th.  We'll see.

Saw a sign on my way home that reminded me of just how close we are to the devastation that Sandy caused.  Still so sad about this.

Work was work today - there was actually some genuine things I needed to get done and those were accomplished.  Awesome.

I attended a seminar for Crafting your Business.  Found out a lot of interesting information that I'll see about implementing as time allows.

Got mail delivered for the first time in over a week and had to go to the post office because they held one of my packages as "undeliverable".  Just one more reason Stew can't stand our mail person.  Most of it was junk mail, I did receive 3 boxes of craft goodies!  And this ad for Joann's.  I posted this on Facebook, but I think it bears repeating - this is the epitome of false advertising.  There's no way a Steelers fan and a Browns fan sit together on the couch so amicably.  Just no way - wait until Shawn comes home and we're watching the Steelers and Ravens - I'll post some pictures and then we'll see what it looks like when divisions play against one another.

Stew came home from work and worked out on the recumbent bike.  Numbers were good:  8.22 miles, 243 calories, 45 minutes.  He's watching From Earth to the Moon while he works out and he's enjoying that.

While he worked out I made this recipe that he found on

Spanish Chicken Rice Bake

It took way longer than 45 minutes to cook.  So long in fact that we gave up and had cereal for dinner, but once it was done, I served both of us a small portion.  We like it, which is good because it's Wednesday night's dinner.  Tomorrow I'm making pot roast in the crock pot.

We ended the night watching CSI, but not for long.  I was exhausted.  In bed at 9, asleep by 9:30.  Soooo tired.

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