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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Journal: November 3, 2012

Got up this morning around 7:30.  Headed down to the craft room to get some time in down there before Stewbert woke up.  I did the first three assignments for a class I'm taking this month with Lain Ehman - it's called Crafting Your Business.  How great would that be to be able to make money from sitting in my scrap room - lovely!  I don't know what will come of it, but I thought I could take this class and see what it may take to build a business from this.  The first two assignments focused on why you'd want to do this and what resources you have to dedicate to it.  The assignment for today was to look to see if a domain name that you may want for your business is available.  I checked.  Mine was!  So I bought it. - belongs to me.  I guess I'll find out as we work through the assignment what I should be doing with that.

I purchased the prize for my October contest winner.  I really need to put up the information on youtube about November's prize.  Hopefully, I'll get to that tomorrow.

Stew woke up in major task master mode and I'm happy to say we got a lot done.  We got all of our DVDs put away.  We own 13 DVD storage containers that hold 100 DVDs....except for leaving some room in DVD Thing 1 for Wii games, we only have 70 slots left in DVD Thing 13.  Pretty incredible to think of the number of DVDs we own.

Besides that we went through all of our books.  From 7 full bookshelves to this....

That's all we have left.  We love books, but storing them just takes up so much room and now that we both have Kindles - paper books just

So now we need to find homes for all of these books.

We got the exercise equipment where I want it.

And we cleaned up the kids' room.

Following that, I got all of our clothes put away.  Changed the way I organize them, too - so that was a mountain to tackle.

We have a few more things to finish up tomorrow, mostly general cleaning and laundry - but I'm thinking tomorrow is definitely a pajama day.  I'm going to play in the craft room.  Stew's going to watch football (I may watch too if they broadcast the Steelers game around here).  I'm going to put something warm and fall like in the crockpot for dinner and we're just going to relax a little.

We ended today by ordering Pat's and watching tv.  I had spaghetti.  It was good, as usual.  Stew tried something new.  He ordered a roast beef melt to go along with his potato skins - he said it was surprisingly good.

We watched Elementary, Vampire Diaries, Blue Bloods, Project Runway All Stars.  (We watched Person of Interest while we were eating breakfast this morning.)  Vampire Diaries just keeps getting weirder and weirder.  I don't particularly like anyone on Project Runway All Stars - but Person of Interest, Blue Bloods and Elementary - loving those shows.

We turn our clocks back tonight - an extra hour tomorrow.  I can sure use it.

Ohhhh, another thing I need today before Stew got up - I started our Christmas shopping.  I have 4 of the kids done and if I had ideas for the other ones, I could have finished those up today, too.  I'll have to call parents tomorrow.

And I end the night with a picture Clint Bowyer posted to Twitter - it's the fly over from today's Nationwide race.  HA!  It's JETS!!!  He loves me.  LOL.

Good night, ya'll.  I'm going to read for awhile and then get some much needed sleep.

Started Christmas shopping. 4 of 11 kids done.

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